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Travel Me Crazy, Inc.  is committed to the strategy of creating opportunities for economic and workforce development by focusing on responsible destination management and providing unique visitor and travel experiences.


Our Journey

Travel Me Crazy, Inc. was founded in 1996 and focused primarily on travel and tourism consulting for destinations throughout the world.  Our company has remained committed to optimal use of natural and cultural resources on a self-sustaining basis, therefore providing continued and unique visitor experiences while also creating opportunities for economic and workforce development.  We remain focused on the community opportunities that these travel experiences will create.

Our Portfolio of Services

Carolina-Carolina.  The goal of Carolina-Carolina is to promote travel to the coastal region of North Carolina and South Carolina where you can experience natural beauty and rich heritage.  We are the experts in the history, culture, customs, characteristics, climate, food, people, and accommodations in the coastal Carolinas.  Visit us on Facebook for updates on events and places of interest.

Life-Time Experiences.  Let us customize your "life-time" experience, which is aligned with our commitment to protect our planet, sustain our natural resources, and appreciate the rich cultures of the world.

Workforce to Work Solutions.  In 2014, we launched the Workforce to Work initiative and expanded our portfolio of  services to include workforce strategies and solutions, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of businesses in the travel and tourism industry, and the expanding green industry.

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