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Help Improve the Lives of Others


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Policy on Travel to Cuba

The new regulations by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) cancels travel under the “People to People” Exchange license, effective June 5, 2019. This category covered travel to Cuba by vessels such as cruise lines, by private air, and land-based travel previously authorized under the “people to people” exchange license.   The recent changes by the OFAC impacted one of the previous twelve licenses, however, travel to Cuba is still possible for Americans under the other 11 license categories.

Understanding the license categories for your travel plans is crucial since meeting the license criteria is required to apply for a travel visa.  Some of the licenses include support for the Cuban people, family visits for direct relatives, travel for university groups, academic research, journalism, professional meetings and more.


Support for the Cuban people travel

Stay - Casa Particular

A Privately-Owned Cuban Residence

Eat - Paladares

A Privately-Owned Cuban Restaurant

Shop - Cuentapropistas

Privately-Owned  Store run by Self-Employed Cubans